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من سيربح المليون - بدون أنترنت


The Coolest Guest List App for your next event .Now operates in Middle East we are based on MoroccoGuestify acquired By Wixty Inc.
A mobile event app with an innovative suite of services.Combine diligent planning with seamless execution to create successful events.Guestify pairs easy check-in and real-time reporting along with other convenient features to improve event performance and optimize attendee experience.
Guestify is event technology is designed for professionals looking to efficiently produce and manage events. Developed by event professionals, it is constantly evolving to suit the needs and interests of the event industry worldwide.
Guestify’s platform is flexible, and can be customized based on any client’s needs–whether that be an integration with a new app or custom dashboard work. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible Guestify experience.
InviteInvitations couldn’t get more personal. Create customized, event related messages and show people how special they are. Customize the event’s details, location, host information and a lot more.
Pre ScheduleAn invite app specially crafted for those with a busy rooster. Invite your friends, family, colleagues, relatives etc for those special occasions or an important conference. Pre schedule your messages and send personal invitations before, during and after the event, all at the same time.
SecurePrepare multiple lists and reuse for multiple future events. If you loose your phone, worry not! Switch to another phone and you are ready with the same data.
Thank GuestsIt’s always special to receive a thank you note. Pre schedule thank you messages for all your attendees.
Multiple AdminsWhile you are busy organizing other things, mark your colleague, friend, family as the other admin to simplify things and invite more people. More the merrier.
NavigateIf the invitees have the app it can help them navigate directly to the venue.